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Free your time for
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Who am I?

I realized that by being a virtual assistant and coach I am able to support entrepreneurs with similar life purposes to reach their best. Living their businesses more freely.

Knowledge on environmental health remains present. As well as the Master in Quality, Environment and Safety (2013). The experience in applying the wellness concept to the lives of hundreds of employees, in large companies, too. However, the call to help people and businesses with whom I empathize more closely spoke louder.
It was important to add professional learning to personal resources, nature trips, books and artistic performances. Concentration and focus that align with yoga. Minimalist organization. And I changed my path.


Why do you need support?


For a business to evolve, also in a sustainable way, it´s crucial to have a team to delegate tasks.
With confidence, with method, with positive results.


To become the person “delegated to”, shared knowledge is a powerful accelerator.
Benefitting from acquired experience and merging it with your personal drive.


To grow in a sustainable way, it´s important to have a support network.
That helps us to question, that boosts creativity, that lights up our blind spots.


What can I do for you?

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

The organization is a crucial asset in the structure of any business and in the lives of entrepreneurs and business leaders. There are regular tasks that can be delegated to a trusted virtual assistant: managing your calendar, email, events, content search or creating documents.
Save time. Gain freedom to think, create, experiment. Freedom to do what you really enjoy and achieve your purpose.



The mentoring process is based on a conversation, anchored on questions about the job of virtual assistant and the experience i have acquired with training and years of practice. There are approximately one hour sessions per donation.
Sharing experiences is a valuable tool at any professional stage, particularly when you are getting started.



The coaching process is longer. There are nine weekly sessions of one hour, where we start together, determining the point where you are at this moment, and together we will arrive at a new place, according to personalized goals. No session will be the same.
It will be a joint work, where I will facilitate the process to think in a disruptive way about new forms of action. It’s a demanding job, which requires commitment and a lot of action from us. The cost of the ninth session is donated to União Zoófila.


What do they say about me?

Sofia de Assunção
Coach, PNL and Uncovering Process Facilitator

It was an excellent investment! I found someone who quickly integrates learning, information and ways of working that are unique to each entrepreneur. It is practical and direct, a fundamental criterion for me since my time is very limited. He makes pertinent observations and suggestions that contributed to the evolution of my work and his management. He is extremely responsible and reliable and I recommend his services without any hesitation to all entrepreneurs.

Diogo Reffóios Cunha
Nómada Digital

Having a virtual assistant was the best decision I made for . The task was very simple with Rafaela. Every week she had to talk to community members, work with them, talk to them and see what needed to be done. And what happened was that it never failed in what we had predefined as goals. And then hiring her or making her our partner was the best decision we had at

Inês Gaya
Love, Healing & Service

Having Rafaela as an assistant brought a greater lightness to my professional life. It is an essential help as it is extremely reliable, proactive, organized, fast and always available to find a solution. I am very grateful to be able to have someone with this level of confidence and ability to work by my side.

Carla Cardoso

Rafaela appeared at a time in my life when I doubted my abilities, was trying to understand the direction to take a new career, and a coach (maybe due to bad previous experiences) was not, at all, in the plans. Well then, Rafaela had the ability to erase my reticence and replace them with exclamation points. The genuine, interested and unpretentious way in conducted the sessions, led me to manage mechanisms to overcome obstacles that I thought were insurmountable.

Joana de Oliveira

Rafaela is a sensitive professional, with attention to detail and creativity! Without a doubt a great coach! Were she not an excellent facilitator of difficult(ies). I highly recommend it!

Nina Alves de Sousa

I admit that, like many, I had a negative feeling about coaching. This experience, fortunately, forced me to review the importance of it. Meeting Rafaela has been very enriching, as she is not only an excellent professional but also an incredible person. In her I found a contagious strength and energy, as well as a lot of empathy. She has helped me to review my professional life, to dispel fears and negative voices. I highly recommend it. Thank you, Rafaela!